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The Rock was an American actor, rapper, and musician. He is known for his roles in such films as The Scorpion King, Armageddon, Grown Ups 2 and The Rundown. His first album released in 1996 with the title of “Get off My Lawn” sold over a million copies.

The the rock song is a song by the band the rock, released in 2003. The song reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and was nominated for two Grammy Awards.

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Welcome to The Rock Strange Music! This blog is all about the weird, unique and strange music that rocks! Whether it’s the rock rap song lyrics or face off lyrics, we have everything you need to get your groove on! So come on over and check us out today!

The Rock’s Strange Music

The Rock is known for his many talents, and one of those is his musical prowess. He has released several rap songs over the years, and “Face Off” is one of his most popular. The song is about two people who are facing off against each other, and the lyrics are full of wit and clever wordplay.

The Rock uses his trademark charisma to great effect in this song, and the result is a fun and catchy track that will get stuck in your head for days. If you’re a fan of The Rock or rap music in general, then you need to check out “Face Off” today.

The Face Off Lyrics

I’m the one that’s been hustling since a youngin’

I’m the one with the rock rap song lyrics

I’m the face off, in your city I’m known as the Don

D-O-double G, yeah I stay on top

Money never stopped, ever since my face was plastered on a poster

It’s all good though ’cause now I can say that I made it out of Compton

And if you ain’t from where I’m from then you can’t say nothin’ to me

Respect is given when respect is earned so don’t get it twisted

Yeah, I rep my city to the fullest and they show me love back

In return, keep my pockets fat like sumo wrestlers

You see us balling in designer clothes

Chucking deuces to all these hoes

Got a pocket full of cash and a bad bitch by my side

Never had shit so now everything nice

Life is good and it only got better

Keep balling until they put me in a casket

Rich man, poor man, no man – just one motherfucker with some ambition Face Off

The Face Off Song

I was chillin’ at the crib just minding my business

When I got a call from my homeboy, he was like “yo, I need you”

So I hopped in the ride and headed to his place

He was in the studio with some other guys making music

And they needed someone to lay down a verse

So I stepped up to the mic and did my thing

And now the song is blowing up on the radio

All thanks to me, The Face Off Song is born baby!

The Rock’s Rap Song Lyrics

“Face Off”

(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[The Rock]

One night only, yo I’m feelin’ fancy

Might get a little bit rowdy

Gonna turn this place upside down

Just like in the old days when I was wild and crazy

Bout to show y’all how I get down

So bring your girls and your boys

And make some noise if you’re ready to party

[Chorus: The Rock & Busta Rhymes] (Busta Rhymes)

It’s the face off, one on one no holds barred (uh-huh) (Ooh!) It’s the face off, between me and you (Ha ha ha ha) It’s the face off, let’s see what you got (Come on!) It’s the face off, now let’s rock!

[The Rock] Let me hear you say “Oh yeah!” One night only yo I’m feeling fancy Might get a little bit rowdy Gonna turn this place upside down Just like in the old days when I was wild and crazy Bout to show y’all how I get down So bring your girls and your boys And make some noise if you’re ready to party [Chorus: The Rock & Busta Rhymes] It’s the face off, one on one no holds barred (uh-huh) (Ooh!) It’s the face off, between me and you (Ha ha ha ha) It’s the face off, let’s see what you got (Come on!) It’s the face off, now let’s rock!

The Face Off Music Video

The music video for “The Face Off” by The Rock and Lil Wayne was released on October 5, 2010. The video features the two rappers facing off against each other in a rap battle. The video was directed by Colin Tilley and shot in Los Angeles, California.

The video begins with The Rock driving a car and arriving at a parking garage. He then walks through the garage and enters an elevator. As he exits the elevator, he is met by Lil Wayne. The two rappers then begin their face off.

Throughout the video, The Rock and Lil Wayne trade verses back and forth. At one point, Lil Wayne even raps while standing on top of a moving car.

At the end of the video, The Rock and Lil Wayne are seen walking away from each other after their face off ends in a tie.

The Face Off Album

The Face Off album is the debut album by American rock band The Offspring, released on June 15, 1987 through Nemesis Records. The album was re-released on May 23, 1995 through Epitaph Records. It is considered to be a classic punk album by many fans and critics alike.

The album was recorded in just four days and was produced by Thom Wilson. It includes the band’s first single “I’ll Be Waiting”, as well as the fan favorites “Kick Him when He’s Down” and “Get it Right”.

Lyrically, the album deals with various topics such as teenage angst (“I’ll Be Waiting”), violence (“Kick Him when He’s Down”), alcoholism (“Dirty Magic”) and relationships (“Get it Right”).

Musically, The Face Off Album is a fast-paced punk rock record with elements of hardcore punk and pop punk. It is an energetic and catchy album that helped to establish The Offspring as one of the most important bands in the punk rock scene.

If you’re a fan of punk rock music, then you need to check out The Face Off Album by The Offspring!

The Rock’s Strange Music Career

The Rock is a world-renowned actor and wrestler, but did you know that he also dabbled in the music industry? In 2000, he released his first and only album, “The Rock: The Album”, which featured the hit single “It Doesn’t Matter”.

However, it was his follow-up single, “Face Off”, that really caught people’s attention. The song, which featured rap lyrics about facing off against one’s opponents, quickly went viral and became a staple at wrestling events.

Despite its popularity, “Face Off” was met with mixed reviews from critics. Some praised The Rock for his clever lyrics and catchy beat, while others criticized him for attempting to enter a genre of music that he wasn’t familiar with.

Regardless of the criticism, it’s clear that The Rock put his heart into his short-lived music career. And who knows? Maybe one day he’ll make a comeback with another album.

The Strange Music of The Rock

The Rock is known for his strange and unique brand of music. His songs are often filled with references to pop culture, politics, and current events. He has a knack for writing catchy hooks and memorable lyrics that resonate with his fans.

His latest album, “Face Off”, is no exception. The title track is a catchy rap song that features the lyrics “I’m the king of the world/ And I’ll be face to face with you.”

The song is clearly about The Rock’s confidence and how he plans to take on all challengers. It’s also a nod to his iconic movie role in “Face/Off”, where he played an FBI agent who went undercover as a criminal mastermind.

The rest of the album is just as strange and entertaining as the first track. “Rage Against The Machine” is a heavy metal song that criticizes the current state of the world, while “Rocky Mountain High” is a mellow ballad about The Rock’s love for nature.

If you’re looking for something different in your music collection, then check out The Rock’s latest album, “Face Off”. You won’t be disappointed.

The “the rock song face off” is a song by the rock band the rock. The song has been released in multiple albums, and it is considered to be one of the most popular songs from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song where the rock raps?

Battle it out

Who owns Strange Music?

Tech N9ne, a platinum-selling rapper, and CEO and businessman Travis O’Guin founded Strange Music, which has since become “the most successful independent rap record company in the industry.” The business has quietly and independently created history on a regular basis since 2000.

Did Stevie Stone leave Strange Music?

Stevie Stone has solidified his position as a marquee performer on the Strange Music roster during the last ten years. However, he made the announcement that he was quitting the Missouri independent powerhouse to start his very own label Ahdasee Records yesterday afternoon through social media.

What music does the rock listen to while working out?

Straight Out The Gate by Tech9ne is on Dwayne Johnson’s workout playlist. Boston is smoking. NWA’s “Boyz In The Hood.” By Mayday, “Last One Standing.” The Blues Brothers’ Soul Man. Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” song. George Thoroughgood’s book One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer. Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way.”

What is a Tech 9?

A series of blowback-operated semi-automatic handguns includes the Intratec TEC-9, TEC-DC9, KG-99, and AB-10. They were created by Intratec, an American division of Interdynamic AB, a Swedish gunmaker.

What is the name of the song that the rock made?

Welcome, Everyone What a Fantastic World The Rock’s Speech dialogue The Rock calls Ricky throughout the dialogue. You’re Not a Woman Enough. We must be kind to one another.

How old is the Rock?

() Dwayne Johnson is 50 years old.

How tall is the Rock?

6′ 5″ Johnson, Dwayne / Height

Are the Rock and Tech 9 friends?

Prior to the album’s release, he and Tech N9ne, actual name Aaron Dontez Yates, spoke to Variety about the track. According to the source, Johnson first introduced the rappers to one other by sharing their songs on his social media accounts years ago. On the set of the HBO TV show “Ballers,” they were properly introduced.

Who is the wife of the Rock?

2019 Lauren Hashianm 1997–2008: Dany Garciam

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