How to Shoot a Music Video With a Phone?

Shooting a music video with a phone is a great way to get started in the music video industry. You can use your phone to shoot a music video for a band or artist, or for your own creative project.

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Making a music video is a great way to show your creative side and get your music out there. And you don’t need a big budget or professional equipment to do it. With a little planning and some creativity, you can shoot an impressive music video right from your phone.

Here are some tips on how to shoot a music video with a phone:

Choose the right location. The place where you shoot your video can have a big impact on the final product. Look for an interesting or unique setting that will complement your song. Outdoor locations can be particularly effective for music videos.

Get the lighting right. Good lighting is essential for any video, but it’s especially important for music videos. Make sure the location you choose has plenty of natural light, or set up some artificial light if necessary.

Film multiple takes. It’s always a good idea to film multiple takes of each scene in case something goes wrong. That way, you’ll have plenty of footage to work with when it comes time to edit the video.

Edit the footage carefully. Once you’ve filmed all the footage you need, it’s time to start putting the video together. Choose the best takes for each scene and edit them together into a final product that you’re happy with.

Add special effects (optional). If you want to add some extra polish to your video, consider adding some special effects in post-production. This can make your video look more professional and give it a unique flair.

What You Need

To shoot a music video with your phone, you’ll need a few things: a tripod, an external microphone, and some good lighting. You’ll also want to find a location that has good acoustics and is large enough to accommodate your band or artist. Once you have all of your equipment, set up your tripod and microphone in the location you’ve chosen. Then, turn on the lights and begin filming your music video!

Shooting Tips

To get started, you’ll need a smartphone with a good camera. If you don’t have one, you can rent or borrow one from a friend. Once you have your phone, there are a few things to keep in mind when shooting your music video:

1. Shoot in landscape mode. This will give you a wider field of view and make your video look more professional.

2. Use a tripod or stabilizer. This will help keep your camera steady and prevent shaky footage.

3. Shoot in HD. This will ensure that your video looks sharp and clear when viewed on a big screen.

4. Try to get creative with your shots. Use different angles and perspectives to add interest to your video.

5. Edit your footage carefully. Cut out any shots that are blurry or have bad audio quality.

Following these tips will help you shoot a music video that looks great and sounds even better!

Lighting Tips

Good lighting is essential to any music video, and with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to get great shots without spending a lot of money. Here are a few tips on how to light your music video using only your phone.

The first step is to find a well-lit location. If you’re shooting inside, try to find a room with lots of natural light. If you’re shooting outside, try to find an area that’s not in direct sunlight. Once you’ve found your location, you can start thinking about how to set up your shots.

For close-ups, use the selfie camera on your phone. This will give you the best possible quality for close-ups. If you want to shoot wider shots, use the rear-facing camera. This will give you a wider field of view, but the quality won’t be as good as the selfie camera.

Once you’ve decided which camera to use, it’s time to think about lighting. If you’re shooting with the rear-facing camera, try to position yourself so that the light is behind you. This will give your subject a nice backlight that will make them stand out from the background. If you’re using the selfie camera, try to position yourself so that the light is in front of you. This will create a soft, flattering light that will make your subject look their best.

Finally, don’t forget about audio! Music videos are all about the song, so make sure that your audio is high quality. Use an external microphone if possible, and if you’re using your phone’s built-in microphone, be sure to position it as close to your subject as possible.

Camera Tips

Use a high-quality camera phone. Many newer phone models have great built-in cameras that can shoot in HD. If you’re using an older model, consider upgrading to a newer one.

Invest in a good camera case or bag. This will help protect your camera phone from bumps and scratches.

Make sure your phone is fully charged before shooting. Nothing is worse than having your battery die in the middle of a shoot!

Clean your camera lens before shooting. This will help ensure that your footage is clear and free of any smudges or fingerprints.

Experiment with different camera angles and shots. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Audio Tips

No matter what device you use to shoot your video, getting great audio is essential to making a project that sounds professional. Hiring a sound engineer to record and mix the audio for your video is ideal, but not always possible. If you’re working on a smaller budget or recording live events, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips for getting great audio when shooting with a phone.

Audio Tips:
-Use an external microphone: Most phone cameras come with built-in microphones, but they aren’t always the best quality. If you’re serious about getting great sound, invest in an external microphone that plugs into your phone. There are plenty of options available at different price points, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.
-Get close to your subject: The closer you are to your subject, the better the sound will be. That doesn’t mean you have to be right in their face, but try to get within a few feet if possible. This will help reduce background noise and make sure the audio is clear and concise.
-Be aware of your environment: Pay attention to the environment you’re shooting in and try to avoid places with a lot of Echo or Reverb. These can muddle the sound and make it difficult to understand what’s being said. softer surfaces like carpet or curtains can help absorb some of these sound waves and reduce their impact on your recording.
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Editing Tips

Not everyone has a high-end camera to shoot a music video. But that doesn’t mean your phone video can’t look great! Here are some tips on how to edit your phone video to make it look more professional.

-Start by downloading a video editing app. There are many different apps available, so choose one that you feel comfortable using.
-Import your phone video into the app.
-Add transitions between scenes to make the video flow better.
-Add text or titles to introduce the song or artist.
-Add effects to make the video more visually interesting.
-Export the final video and share it with your friends!

Music Video Examples

When it comes to shooting a music video with a phone, many people think that it’s not possible to get high-quality footage. However, with the right techniques, it is possible to produce a great music video using only a smartphone.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shooting a music video with a phone. First, it’s important to stabilize the phone as much as possible. This can be done by using a tripod or placing the phone on a stable surface. Second, try to use natural lighting as much as possible. If you need to use artificial lighting, make sure that the light is not too harsh. Third, shoot in HD if possible. This will help ensure that the footage is high quality.

Now that you know some tips for shooting a music video with a phone, check out some of these examples for inspiration:

-In 2018, British singer Mahalia released her debut EP Sober and shot the entire music video for her song “Sober” on an iPhone 6S.
-American indie pop band AJR shot their music video for “Weak” entirely on an iPhone 6Plus. The video was directed by Elliot Tyler and edited by Ryan Phelan.
-In 2016, Carly Rae Jepsen shot the music video for her song “Party for One” on an iPhone 7 Plus. The video was directed by Danny Lacey and edited by Leanna ICCO.


To sum up, shooting a music video with a phone can be a great way to get creative and professional results without spending a lot of money. Just make sure to plan your shots carefully, use a tripod or other stabilization device, and shoot in well-lit areas. With a little effort, you can produce a great music video that will impress your friends and family.

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