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ANTIGAMA "Zeroland" CD
Polish tremendous quartet Antigama takes another step forward with its third full length album "Zeroland" delivering extremely creative and diverse combination of various aggressive music styles. On this nine-song album the Warsaw powerhouse allows the listener to experience immeasurable number of speed light blasts, disharmonic grind and experimental noise. The creation gives the most intricate, dynamic and innovative sound of the genre. Manic drumming, heavy distorted guitars, gorgeous vocals and shrieks are inarguable trademarks of Antigama. Complex and twisted grind, forward thinking metal - avantgrind!
This new band is strongly connected with (now defunct) Stracony, polish peace punk "legends". Music on this record is pretty hard to describe, don't expect anythng like fashionable hardcore/punk here. BFJ presents unique mix of crass era peace punk and post punk experiments like The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans, The Kift. Noisy guitar, strong female vocal, jazzy parts, "strange" instruments - really interesting record.
CATHETER / F.U.B.A.R. split CD
Denver's CATHETER is back on Selfmadegod Records delivering eight brand new songs of fresh grindcore that takes influences from punk to hardcore to metal. Excellent recording quality, perfect technical abilities and relentless drive. 303 GRIND forever!!! FUBAR from Holland does fifteen short and speed blasts of high energy grindcore with powerful sound. This material will burn your loudspeakers, remember that you have been warned! Double dose of fast merciless grind from the States and Holland!!!
Two bands from Poland. Fast political thrash/punk with male/female vocals and emotional hardcore punk.
D-COMPOSE "Ancestral Inhuman Thoughtless" CD
First full CD of grind core band from Amsterdam. 7 songs of extreme grind mixed with brutal HC parts and some metal... included Ramones cover “I am not jesus”. D-compose is an international project from Amsterdoom with people from Venesuela/Cuba/, Urugway and Poland (two members of mighty Matka Tesresa). Two brutal and crazy vocals mixed with Extreme guitars riffs and super hype speed drums gives you a fucking explosive mix!!!
D-COMPOSE / E.T.T.S. / BANGSAT 3 way split CD
D-Compose are bruising grind from Amsterdam , dishing up 2 epic long tracks bringing to mind Brutal Truth and Nasum! Groovy death grinders E.T.T.S. mix up raw grindcore with a slight NYDM touch and a lot of Lord Gore style sick riffing grooves and Bangsat from Indonesia dish out some metallic old school grind like Terrorizer and Napalm with a touch of Bolt Thrower?s bludgeoning!
Spanish d-beat mayhem in vein of Los Dolares, Infame.
DESARME "Es Tu Error" CD  5
13 tracks of pure stop & go speed-limit madness with the addition of one single hatred-infested sludge masterpiece. a must for anyone who ever thought of "prowler in the yard" by Pig Destroyer as the best grindcore album ever.
Noise hardcore in vein early Neurosis with Carl from His Hearo Is Gone.
From the musical battleground of Northern Virginia, in the shadow of Washington DC, the power trio that is Drugs Of Faith breaks out with their debut official release. Drugs Of Faith, founded by an Enemy Soil original member, bashes through its hardcore rock fused with grindcore songs utilizing dissonant chords and opposition bass, frontal attack drums, and lyrics covering the personal as well as the political landscape brought out by dynamic vocals. Focused yet a challenge to categorize, Drugs Of Faith carpet bombs the listener with its innovative, stylistic mix.
Raw post metal / drone in vein of legendary Godflesh and with touch of post neurosis sounds like Cult Of Luna. Mastered by James Plotkin.
ETACARINAE "In These Dark Times" CD
Hail from Barcelona, Spain. This bands not quite boring like other Tragedy copycat bands. I might say i really enjoy their tunes. They did Bastard cover, really done it well!! CD version contains bonus track taken from split EP with ASEDIO and "Faith In Chaos" EP. For fans of Leadershit, Ekkaia, FOA, and japanese HC!! really? Take a listen
2nd full length by EVIL, which consists of people known from grindcore SELF HATE and political crust punk INFEKCJA. The result of this mix is heavy and powerful metallic punk with some grindcore parts - the closest comparison must be Bolt Thrower. It is heavy, fast, angry, well produced metal with punk roots and attitude - worth checking out.
EXIT WOUNDS "17 Wounds Of Exit" CD
No Escape Records has the morally questionable, yet callously pleasurable task of sanctioning the debut full length offensive from Poland's masters of total grinding chaos and violent sonic psychosis! Exit Wounds stampede through 30 tracks of their ruthless and primal grindcore that is even heavier, faster, more intense and more deranged than their already terrifying “17 Wounds Of Exit” MCD! This barely controlled cacophony is an avalanche of barbaric chainsawing riffs crossing the sociopathic hardcore of Cripple Bastards with Warsore’s detuned regressive grind, frenzied and inelegant drumming like Yacopsae gone feral and starved of any concern for the safety of itself or others, and utterly throat shredding vocal abuse spanning strangulated howls, animalistic snarling, pestilent retching and menacing barking. This unblinking chronicle of agony and degradation includes a brutish Retaliation cover and a blurr-grind take on Haymaker’s classic ’Another Shit Movie’! Truly, truly savage!
F.P.O. “Discography” CD
F.P.O. means FOREVER POSITIVELY OBSESSED and this is the very first straight edge hardcore band coming from Macedonia (former part of republic of Yugoslavia). Fast and political oriented hardcore with strong DIY approach. This CD is a collection of 18 songs taken from various vinyl releases like 7" on ThirdxParty Records, split 7" w/ I Object and comps like "6 way split", "Macedonian Barbaric Thrash Detonation" (625) and "Brand New Place 2". Including one never ,released before song. CD release in cooperation with Dhpak47 Records (Croatia), Brand New Place Records (Croatia), HC Records (Macedonia), Obsolete Man (Macedonia) and Junk Kola (Macedonia).
F.U.B.A.R. "Studio Sessions 2002-2004" CD
With their furious old school grindcore mixed with hints of fastcore/powerviolence, dutch maniacs from F.U.B.A.R. spreaded their name through the worldwide underground scene through massive touring and a couple great recordings. This CD compiles all recordings they've done between 2002-2004. 36 tracks of pure raw and insane grindcore madness!
FORCA MACABRA "Caveira De Forca" CD
Reissue of the last album with new artwork and bonus song. Brazilian thrashcore from Finland. Over 15 years of existence.
Guantanamo Party Program is the newest project of people from such bands as Bonito, Poltergeist, Wojtyła, Lost Road. This nice looking digi pack CD contain six heavy songs descibed by the band as apocaliptic hardcore. Strongly under influence of bads as Neurosis, Cult of Luna or Red Sparowes. Highly recomended!!!
HEAD HITS CONCRETE "The Kingdom Come Undone" CD
45+ tracks of blistering grindcore from this furious Canadian act. I believe this is every track they've recorded to date, including their split 7" with Bodies Lay Broken, the "Hope, Fear & the Terror of Dreams" 7", the split 10" with My Minds Mine, the self-titled 7", the "Mitakuye Oyasin" demo, some covers, a few live tracks... you name it.
Singapore?s Hen smash out 10 tracks of pulverizing old school grind with vicious guttural roars and awesome fast as fuck blasts for fans of Napalm, Excruciating Terror, Warsore and Insect Warfare! Sweden ?s Splitter lay down 9 tracks of devastating grind like a mix of old Nasum and His Hero Is Gone and Skitsystem, easily their best shit!! Endless Demise features Victor from Excruciating Terror on vox and members of Nausea so expect top notch old school Californian grind with a killer crustcore injection from some legends of the scene!
HERMAN RAREBELL "Too Late For Peace" 3''CD
Herman is dirty. Herman is rabid. Herman is raging with a will to destroy all in its path. "Too Late For Peace" contains 15 songs of old-school, ear blasting grind/crust, surging with maniacal speed and aggression. The disc also features three classic cover songs: "Rags To Rich's" from DOOM, "Multinational Corporations" and "Instinct Of Survival" from NAPALM DEATH, and contains members of THIRD DEGREE and ANTIGAMA. Herman Rarebell is perfect answer to good old fashioned grind/crust typical for bands like NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, DOOM, REPULSION, DEFECATION, EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Additionally this is 3-inch disc release with excellent packaging. "Too Late For Peace" is the soundtrack to your suicide - get ready for the ultimate destruction.
HEWHOCORRUPTS "The Discographer" CD
Finally, all of He Who Corrupts' out of print splits, EPs, and comp tracks are available on one disc. This features the He Who Corrupts tracks from their splits with Fordirelifesake, Infestation of Ass, Third Degree, Don't Worry About It, Godstomper, Wilbur Cobb, and Tusk, as well as the Master of Profits EP, live tracks, the original Optimus Prime demo, as well as a few unreleased tracks from the Ten Steps to Success session. Hear He Who Corrupts as they evolve into the leaders of corporate grindcore. 60+ tracks, and a picture of Jaffray's dick on the inside.
HGW "Niech Milczą Tylko Martwi" CD
Half an hour of uncompromising crust punk mangle straight from Silesia. Influenced by bands as Infekcja, Sanctus Iuda, Homomilitia. Good stuff!!!
This is full length-release from this Los Angeles band. After two 7's and two split 7"s we have it here thirteen brand new songs that have more influences of more anthemic and melodic early 80's punk and hardcore, but still with fast and thrash hardcore parts. You can expect lots of youthful expression and energy coming out of this record. Their lyrics covering personal and social issues, not forgetting about some humor and passions of the band members – skateboarding and records collecting. All the songs were recorded in LA by Craig Ums (What Happens Next?). CD version contains eight bonus songs. Seven of them are taken from "Only Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time" 7"ep (including Heresy cover) and one coming from the same session, previously never released.
IN VITRO "Konfrontacje" CD
100% punk rock in your face from Lublin.
I SHOT CYRUS “Complete Discography 1997-2001” CD
Great ultra fast sXe hardcore band from Sao Paolo, Brazil with members active since years in such bands as hardcore scene as Point Of No Return, Infect, No Violence, Newspeak and legendary Ratos De Porao! This is absolutely no-bullshit great sounding very fast raging thrashy hardcore with incredible amount of anger, passion and fury directed to all the evils of the world, taking no enemies and no compromises. This is the uncompromising statement that Hardcore is resistance, that can only come from the third world country perspective. Their lyrics are direct furious assault on corporate capitalism, imperial wars, US domination in the third world countries, cops, religion or rapists/women abusers. If you think that Hardcore nowadays is watered down, lacking substance, anger and message, try this. This release contains their recordings since 1997 to 2001, some of them for a first time released and most of them previously released on two split 7"s and compilations between 2000 and 2003 and also two bonus songs taken from "Tiranus" LP/CD on 625 Records from US. 21 songs with SSD coversong. Contains 8-pgs booklet.
Crust rockin d-beat Japanese influenced hardcore with many melodic guitar parts from Spain.
Tokyo crust / crosscover vs. Italian thrash!
KANCROIDE "Nightmare Before a Dream" CD  6
KNIFE IN THE LEG „The first two stabs” CD
Just before their Scandinavian tour (Sept '09) we released the CD containing their 7" tracks. This band features members of: Silence, Government Flu, Daymares, The Fight, The Bold And The Beautiful, Gas Chamber Melodies and All Day Hell. Their music is a tribute to early 80s hardcore sound (Dead Kennedys!!!) with a modern sound linked mainly to Swedish or US bands these days. Clever lyrics are far from the schemes and even may provoke some thoughts!
LOUT SOCIETY KURSE "Waiting For The Apocalypse" CD 5 
This 24-track, 22-minute blasterpiece showcases two of the most ferocious newcomers to the grind/powerviolence scenes in many years. MAGRUDERGRIND bring the scathing, thrash/crossover influenced grinding mayhem while SHITSTORM terrorize with gruffer, speed/death metal-tinged destruction‰ together creating one of the most abrasive split albums ever conceived. With no direct mimicry, these two young trios manage to walk in the same shoes worn by grind greats like DISCORDANCE AXIS and PIG DESTROYER, both delivering absolutely pummeling performances with only the use of guitar, drum and voice. That's right, no bass players are needed for songs this short, fast and absolutely relentless... and no heavyness is compromised with each band's best recordings to date and a fantastic mastering job by West West Side. Top it all off with unbelievably sick artwork from BARONESS' John Baizley, and you've got a split undeniably destined for full-blown "classic" status.
3rd album by finnish Manifesto Jukebox is again put out by their friends from Combat Rock Industry records - after short romance with BYO to release "Remedy" LP in the States. After playing over 350 gigs around Europe and US this band is well known with their unique style of mixing emotional, nostalgic, melodic guitar hardcore songs with their passionate punk attitude and fast and thick drumming. You might think about Leatherface, Hot Water Music, but this band has a lot to say on their own.
MEINHOF "The Rush Hour Of Human Misery" CD
44 minutes of political raw punky crustcore attack with intense female vokillz. These international Punx from London with former members of OI POLLOI and DISORDER are an absolute must and not to be missed. For fans of early BAMBIX, VITAMIN-X, TO WHAT END? or MASSMORD !! CD Version comes with 3 new recorded bonus songs and new artwork.
MORSER "10.000 Bad Guys Dead" CD
2nd Album from the Grind Core band from Bremen
MUMBAJUMBA "The 3rd tear Of Blood" CD
Grindcore as fuck.
MY TERROR "Take Your Life Back" CD
Fast agressive hardcore with heavy sound and strong socio-political attitude in lyrics.
MYOPIA "Enter Insect Masterplabn" CD
Reissue of the second Myopia album “Enter Insectmasterplan” on Selfmadegod Records! Musically intriguing material, previously self-released in 2005, has already made a buzz amongst fans of technical and unconventional thrash metal crafted with mathematical precision and dexterity. Myopia which has been around for more then 10 years now, prepared their own atomic dose of music with a lot of suspense, drawing inspiration from both Voivod and the likes of Pestilence, Atheist or Cynic. “Enter Insectmasterplan” – produced by Szymon Czech of Nyia and Third Degree fame – hits with a brilliant technique, complexity and vision. Highly recommended for the open-minded. Big Bang still resonates!
Bulldozing grind inferno is what you will be dealing with here. Instead of Nasum, think along the lines of the focussed intense grindcore of Rotten Sound and the Swiss blastcore band Mumakil, then throw in some gnashing old school madness of early Napalm Death along with a few Harmony Corruption era tunes, and finally weigh down the music with the grovelling grind of Excruciating Terror and early Nyctophobic. In short, contemporary blistering grindcore meets old-fashioned doggedness.
PANACEA "Under Blackened Sky" CD
Powerfull neo crust from Lublin / Pulawy.
PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER "Complete Grindcore..." CD
Complete Grindcore Annihilation CD discography Houston's best diy grindcore bands recording history finally together on one CD. Fifty trax total and includes all the P.L.F. trax from the split eps , plus the trax from the split LP, and the full Pretty Little Flower "Swarming Industrial Cancer" 7" from 2002. Also includes trax from the GULF COAST MASSACRE comp LP, FOOT STOMPING, BARN BURNING HC comp LP, and 625's MURDEROUS GRIND ATTACK comp CD. This CD is jammed packed with pure grindcore power! GULF COAST GRIND AT ITS BEST!
PSYCHONEUROSIS "Dead But Not Forgotten" CD
Discography collection of all material by these Polish grind legends who existed from 1991 to 2001. 50 tracks and 76 minutes of raw old school grindcore for fans of Agathocles, Cripple Bastards, Dahmer, Catheter and Gride!!!

ROT "A Long Cold Stare" CD
Classic album by long running brazilian band. Raw to the bone old school grindcore!!!

S.A.T.A.N "Unfinished chapter of S.A.T.A.N's comment." CD
Fast & grind - this two words for sure best describe this album!!! Grinding thrash violence punk as hell like mix of DISCORDANCE AXIS, ANTICHRIST, DYSTOPIA, ORCHID, RORSCHACH, IRON LUNG & ARTIMUS PYLE + lots of they own invention!!! With strong socio-political lyrics straigth in face of rotten society. New project members of grind core H.407 & dark sceamo punx ROMEO MUST DIE.
3 way gore/grind split of the sickest order featuring 3 underground bands: SABU, PEOPLE HATE & FIRING SQUAD... Fans of GUT, IMPETIGO, AGATHOCLES, early NAPALM DEATH: Don't miss out!!
Thrashy hardcore punk from Czech Rep.
SEVEN DAY LIE "Jak Wiele Drog" CD
Hardcore from Wroclaw.
Stumm play raw, primitive, nihilistic, regressive depressive and sick doom, sludge combining influences from Eyehategod, Khanate, Thergothon, Winter and Grief.
SUFFERING MIND "At War With Mankind" CD
Uncompromising and powerfull brutal grindcore from Poland, with incredible, totally devastating female vocals - you will get skinned alive by those inhuman screams and growls!!! These grinders are deeply rooted in D.I.Y. punk scene for many years - band was born on the ashes of ANTICHRIST, PEOPLE HATE, SILENCE, AXIS. "At War..." is first full length album, after debut EP released by French label ATW.
No Sanctuary Records present 3 way split CD packed in nice digi pack of  Guantanamo Party Program, Sun for Miles, Echoes of Yul. All bands from Poland presenting post/doom/noise/ambient look over the hardcore / metal music. Over hour of listening for fans of Cult Of Luna, Godflesh, Neurosis.
The Razorburns, formed in early 2006, are known for their ability to get under your skin, stuck in your head, and up your ass. Their music is pop laden, punk based and brainwashing. So don't blame them if these songs get stuck in your head. The band comes from California /USA and features superstar guitarists Dana Muse (The Maids, Blonde Mexicans) and Squeaky (Fabulous Disaster, Girlush Figure) along with their teenage heartthrob bassist Theo Logian (Teenage Harlets, The Dread) and boy toy hard hitting drummer Dave Conrad (Custom Made Scare, Odd Numbers). Guest musicians are Laticia Cortez and Steve Moriarity (The Gits).
THIRD DEGREE "Six Years Of 666 - discography" CD
Excellent grind crust from Poland! CD including the split EP..s with UNHOLY GRAVE and HE WHO CORRUPTS, the "Fuck 1488" EP, the "Oblicza Terroru" tape and unreleased shit!!!
You like REPULSION, DEFECATION or early TERRORIZER ? Check ANDROPHAGOUS and I promise, YOU WILL DANCE ! 13 attacks of pure fucking grindcore in the good old vein !! TOXIC REVOLUTION plays fast, straight in your face, hardcore with grindy influeces. 19 times harsh, intense food for your ears ! In both bands are members of the german grindcore maniacs KEITZER. (artworks by BLUTBAGGER ARTWORKS)
TROCKI "Bez końca" CD
Second album. Brutal, raw sounding, dirty crust grind from Poland.
ULTRA DOLPHINS "Why Are You Laugh" CD 6 
V/A "Freedom Of Mind - Freedom Of Speech" CD  5
V/A "Grindmask For Noise Pollution" CD  5
These guys are pretty crazy…. Very high energy Finnish punk rock. 20 tracks in 28 minutes! The CD comes in a really nice digipack with all the Finnish lyrics in a nice laminated booklet. I have never heard of the band but they have been on the scene since 1986, producing a lot of music. This is their 5th CD and they have put out a load of split LPs, 7” records and demo tapes, if you look at their web site.. Some of this stuff has a quite noisy dissonant guitar sound and a very raw sound. Can’t understand a word, though.. The tracks range from 36 seconds long to 3:16 seconds at the longest. Crazy stuff…
VOETSEK "Infernal Command" CD
Having released a full length and bunch of vinyl on such distinguished record labels like Six Weeks, 625 Thrash, Sound Pollution, MCR and more, San Francisco thrashers Voetsek attack with their brand-new full length entitled "Infernal Command." The album consists of 17 fast metallic tracks mixing Bay Area fastcore/power violence (Spazz, Capitalist Casualities) and Bay Area thrash metal (Vio-lence, Death Angel). The sound is more developed and metal sounding while the songs are definitely more thought out compared to previous recordings, but the result is still the same high energy fastcore/thrash. "Infernal Command" was recorded at Lennon Studios and mastered at Mammoth Sound Mastering (Impaled, MDC, Ghoul, Magrudergrind). The artwork was done by Andrei Bouzikov, an outstanding artist well-known from his work for Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Hatchet, Fueled By Fire and other great thrash bands. A must have for fans of both old school thrash metal, the new wave of thrash (Municipal Waste, Hatchet, Bonded By Blood) and classic power violence bands.
24 tracks of killer grindcore presented by two bands from Poland & Russia. Sugardaddy & Shotgun Justice is a ultra fast grindcore with huge dose of modern hardcore / metal and crust! Brutal sound and great vocals ... strongly in vain of Misery Index, Nasum, Pig Destroyer. Wojtyła from Poland present 12 songs from last three recording sessions ... including 7 brand new and unreleased tracks that were recorded in March 2010. As a bonus also 5 songs recorded in 2009 and previously released as a split EP with Suffering Mind and "Nagel Mit Kopfen" compilation LP. All brought to you thanx to Twisted Truth Records and limited only to 300 copies!!!
YAKUZA HORROR "Y Vendran Mil Anos Mas" CD
Formed in 2004, with members from Karnvapen Attack and Down to Agony. With the aim of playing traditional crust core the band has released a demo tape (2005) and a 7" (2006) called The VI Extinction thats the human race extiction.











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